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16 May 1990
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OFFICIAL WARNING: This journal is incredibly random. It ranges from fangirling to questions to watchers to odd philosophical rants to fic drops to...y'know, really, expect anything.

...yeah, that's about it. Now onto the silly stuff.

Thoth Hermes Loki fairy tales fan Calvin & Hobbes Pearls Before Swine
Megatokyo Fan
Jhonen Vasquez Diana Wynne Jones Kingdom Hearts <3 DISNEY!  ^_^ Griffins~Winnie the Pooh!
Hee~, Voltaire
Camille Frou FrouEmilie Simon Janne da Arc I miss you sob
I ♥ writing!
Baking, yum~! Makin&apos; doilies I write more AUs than are good for me Waking dreams are more fun Tea and crumpets!

Poltical leanings:


give chykal more *HUGS*

Get hugs of your own

Also, I decided to adopt a penguin instead of writing my BSC essay. So ha.

my pet!

*snrks* Aww, it's an egg! (I saw them on many, many userpages. And they're cute. So.)

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