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xmas tiiiime is here [Nov. 18th, 2008|10:47 pm]
[Current Mood |chipperchipper]
[Current Music |startin' up the xmas music playlist]

OKAY SO. December 6th. I'll be in NYC. My ancient/museum studies group is going up for the day to see the Met and do some Christmas shopping.

I know the Met all over now (lol, I'm such a nerd), but I really don't know good places to shop for Xmas presents in NYC. My mom gave me an obscene amount of spending money for this year, so people on my flist who live there, please guide me to the best spots~!

ALSO ALSO. Everyone knows how awesome I am at doing the Xmas card thing. And how totally reliable I am. I have only ever sent out like 4 Xmas cards... Buuut. This year I'm not in CFUD, so I won't have nearly as large a list, and I will have a good two weeks in between the beginning of my Xmas break and Xmas. So I might actually do it this year!!!!!! I am making this list early so it will niggle at me and annoy me until I do it. I hope.

SO YOU GUYS KNOW THE DRILL. If you want a Xmas card from me, reply here with your address. It is screened! (which I guess means my awesome shopping places will be screened as wellll...just make two comments. one with advice and one with an address. I reply to one and not the other! Problem solved.)

I will recap, because even I am getting kind of confused. 1, need to know awesome shopping spots in NYC. Please comment with advice. 2, I am collecting Xmas addresses! If you want a card, make a SEPARATE COMMENT with your address. :) See? Easy peasy.